Monday, February 6, 2012

Bleaberry Fell and High Seat - Fell Run - 5th February 2012

Another time crunched run.  My daughter had a birthday party to go to.  The other limiting factor was that the cold temperatures meant that many minor roads would be hazardously icy.  My plan was to park in Keswick town centre and then run along the Borrowdale road.  First I had to do something about my windscreen:
When I got to Keswick, the roads weren't too bad so I drove along to Great Wood car park where my run for today started.  Getting ready, a robin checked under my car for crumbs (I should have probably opened the back door, he would have had a feast!)

I've been up to Bleaberry Fell and High Seat before but have not got photographic evidence.  Heading south out of the car park (right on the picture above) and taking the path to the left of the beck, before crossing the wooden footbridge, I climbed along the side of the beck, looking back towards what is one of my favourite views of the lakes:

 looking across a peaceful Derwentwater over to Catbells and Maiden Moor

I turned to the left heading up towards Walla Crag, following the wall.  Quick peek backwards around the edge of Falcon Crag.  Part of the Newlands Horseshoe still in view.

all the way up now and a last look over Derwentwater.

and then head over thataway, Bleaberry Fell is the mound on the left.

looking back towards Walla Cragg, plenty of trails heading back that way, nicely highlighted by a bit of snow.  Some walkers on the right - quite important psychologically to keep ahead of people who are walking when you are running.

Bleaberry Fell

up the first mound of Bleaberry Fell, a nice big cairn marks the path summit in view behind

looking back from the summit the cairn is just visible on the brow centre-left.  Cloud getting very low now

couple of walkers on the summit - great, more pressure!

over to High Seat - that looks pretty easy right?

off on the famously boggy trudge over to High Seat.  No bogs were fell into today but I did end up in snow up to my waist at points.  For the most part though, it was only up to knee level.

There is a fence that goes from Bleaberry Fell to the summit of High Seat.  Don't follow it, I think the worst of the bogs are in this area.  It was harder to see the bogs under all the snow and I was a bit scared of falling into one.

starting to climb again, should be the end of the bogs

that fence.  Helvelyn Screes visible across Thirlmere to the East under the low cloud

High Seat summit

Looking East again.  I was considering trying to find a path across to link up with the forest track from yesterday's run and then work a way back via Brockhole Beck but decided against it due to the snow and craggy nature of the land in that direction.

and besides, that track looks brilliant!

great run down to Dodd where it got a bit rocky
looking back, High Seat is in the middle background

slow and icy descent from here to the wall

there's the wall.  Bit of a toe bruising downhill straight ahead to...

Ashness Bridge.  Skiddaw covered in cloud

From Ashness Bridge I took the path diagonally across the front of Falcon Crag.  This is a really lovely path to run on.

looking back down towards Borrowdale

and over to Catbells.  Derwentwater dead flat.

up towards Falcon Crag

I cut down to the road for the last half mile or so back to Great Wood.  There are a lot more runs and paths to be found up here.  I'll be back for more for sure.

3d map

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