Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sale Fell - After Work Feb 2012

Lighter nights means that runs can be squeezed in.  I packed a range of running gear this morning before heading off to a training day in Penrith.  The day finished at 4pm meaning that I had a good hour and a half of daylight.  I almost almost stopped at Great Mell Fell but, as this is not currently on my done list, I opted for somewhere I knew, where I wouldn't panic about being out if it got dark.  Back to the old faithful Sale Fell, which is quickly turning into my own version of Anton Krupicka's Green Mountain.  After a quick superman-style change into my running gear, I set off.  Objective one - the wall:

this is the wall, about .8 of a mile up from the entrance but some really difficult uphill to this point.  It's all about the pacing.

looking back down the path

lovely terraced path to run on.

in the other direction from the path, towards Whythrop Woods.  Bassenthwaite visible on the left

looking South East from Sale Fell the bump centre left on the horizon is Dodd

top of Sale Fell - looking towards Whythrop Woods and over to the lower slopes of Skiddaw  which is hidden in cloud as usual.

Ling Fell from the top of Sale Fell

Looking at the 3d route, it would have been nicer to run down the slowly sloping east side and around the front of the fell.  Might try this route when I run up here again tomorrow!

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