Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tarn Crag and Grey Crag

Survey column on Tarn Crag

I've managed to delete all the photos I took today.  I just have the one above taken on my phone.  Nevermind.

I parked at the Mardale Head car park at the far end of Haweswater.  I remember thinking that these fells were so far away, then realising how lucky I am that far away is an hour.

just walking today 8.16 miles

From the car park, I headed up and over the Gatesgarth Pass.  I considered climbing Branstree from the top of the pass but I didn't have a lot of time and it didn't need bagging so I carried on ascending Tarn Crag along a wall I had picked out from the map.  From here I continued up to the flat top of Tarn Crag.  There is a survey column to the south and a small cairn to the north/east which is the actual summit cairn.

From Tarn Crag, I followed the fence down, negotiating boggy ground and then back up, taking a bearing from the corner of the fence towards Grey Crag.  Another compass bearing directed me to another fence that took me steeply back to the Gatesgarth Pass track which I followed back to the car.

So, despite being a bit disappointed about the pictures, I had a good day today, managing to get around without any rain and bagging two far away fells.