Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lingmell Wildcamp

sunset over Red Pike

On Wednesday night, my mate David (who has an excellent Facebook photo page here) invited me on a wild camp on Lingmell.  It was a work night but I was keen.  We agreed to take two cars, that way I could shoot off in the morning to get to work while David ambled around taking more photos.

It was a lovely warm evening and clear night.  Warm again in the morning.  Parking near the metal bridge, we headed over and straight up the nose of Lingmell.

looking back over Wast Water
the moon over Scafell Crag

I took some refreshments - Scafell Blonde of course.

we pitched up under Goats Crag, just a bit short of the summit

from Lingmell, looking down Lingmell Crags and over to the Gables and Styhead Tarn

track to the top

The cairn with the better view on Lingmell

We had a good walk around on Lingmell, visiting both cairns and taking plenty of pictures of the Scafells, Gables and others.  The midges were getting a bit much so we headed back to our tents and had our beers.

our tents

and watched the sun go down

pretty red light on the Scafells

I had a really good sleep.  I woke up at about 6.30am and thought that I would get up quietly, pack up and head down without waking David.  However, when I popped my head out of my tent, David was already up and taking his tent down.

David heads off for more photos as I head to work

recognise any of these shadows looming over Wasdale?

last look up Lingmell

and to the Scafells - see you soon!

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