Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some advice on having your photo taken whilst running

I've been running for a few years now and have entered a number of races which means that I have had my photo taken during a number of races.  I thought I would share some of the advice that I, along with many other people, have learnt the hard way.

Make it Look Easy.

This can range from, pretending you have not noticed the photographer:

"yeah, I run marathons, no biggie - I'm running one now, almost didn't notice"

"yeah, it's serious, but still easy."

or, a quick look that says, "yes, I'm quite comfortable thank you, not really trying"

Pippa Middleton, obviously wearing underwear in this shot.

perhaps not quite pulling off the "easy" look here.

To the full-on, "CAMERA!!! - Strike a pose! - YES, I AM ENJOYING MYSELF"

of course, it's easy to pose at the start of the race

"easy", always better when other people in the shot are not having as much fun as you.

It's probably worth, and funny, to take a moment to consider people who have not made it look easy:

eyes closed, belly out - oh dear!

Watch out for Wardrobe Malfunctions:

I'm still not a skimpy shorts and/or running tights guy.  When I started running, I would wear my Fat Face denim below the knee shorts.  I have graduated somewhat to mountainbike shorts and, when I am feeling really brave, Ronhill Tracksters or tights under shorts (but really only when it's dark).  The main thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are running in:

and that you do not expose yourself - "How embarrassing, hopefully this nipple slip will take people's attention away from the fact that I am running in Ugg Boots"

Kit selection is important.  This can be more difficult for women than for men.  There's always the risk that your top will go see-through:

(I have skilfully Photoshopped this photo)

But men can also have nipple issues such as the dreaded red eleven:

If you are uncomfortable, make sure there's no cameras around when you 'adjust' things:

especially if you are Terri Hatcher

Know where the camera is:

Heaven forbid you get caught checking out the runner in front of you:

Or doing something that, we all do but, really shouldn't be caught on camera:

4. Beware the fancy dress runner:

Fancy dress is all well and fine until you get your photo taken, obviously at the peak of your exertion and there's somebody dressed like this running alongside you:

Would you be happy if this guy beat you?

You also don't want to be photographed with someone 40 years your senior:

Crossing the finish line:

Smile, raise your head, make it look easy, and whatever you do, don't look down and check/stop your watch:

Be careful not to trip:

Kara Goucher has got it all right here: stood up tall, collapsed person behind her (tip: collapsed people tend to stay lying down for a while, you can pose next to them and give the illusion you crossed the line at the same time).

The last thing this guy wants is for anyone to take his picture:

Have fun running...


  1. Love this blog! Even with only doing one half marathon, I can totally relate!

  2. this is awesome, thanks for the laugh, I will remember and be looking for some of these while i run and smile