Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blackpool Illuminations 10k 2011

Blackpool, filled with childhood memories, walking along the promenade with my grandparents, pockets jangling with pennies for the slot-machines, candy floss, Blackpool rock and an indoor playground called The Madhouse (probably not an acceptable name these days).

There are also a number of races held along the promenade including the Blackpool Illuminations 10k, organised by Fylde Coast Running to coincide with the illuminations being switched on.  In September 2011, I selected this race to try to beat my 10k PB time of 42:56.  The race follows a very level route along the promenade and back.  To beat 42:56 I needed an average speed of under 7 minutes per mile.

I set off on good form.  There didn't seem to be any wind.  First three miles:

So far so good.  An average of 6:47 would give me a time of just over 42 minutes for the 10k.  The turnaround point was at three miles.  Suddenly, woosh! there's the wind!  Headwind all the way back meant for a much slower run.  I really couldn't feel any wind on the way out but it was obvious that my sub 7 miles had been wind assisted and now I was going to pay for it.  Last part of the race:

Substantially slower.  I knew after the first half mile past the turnaround that a PB was not on the cards.  I concentrated on giving my best effort (and looking great for the cameras obviously).


out of steam

race summary

It was a rainy weekend in Blackpool.  We still used the occasion to have some fun:

The race coincides with the switching on of the Blackpool Illuminations.  Hannah was really tired but we went for a drive along the prom anyway.  Here is her reaction:

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  1. Ahh bonny Blackpool! It's a shame about the wind but cool that you mixed business with pleasure there, I can't wait to take Lola to Blackpool, Pontins etc..first things first though...South Walney Caravan Park!