Monday, January 2, 2012

Great Langdale St George's Day 10k 2011

I wasn't entirely convinced that entering a 10k whilst in the middle of marathon training was a wise choice.  I have learnt from experience that I may go to a race planning to take it easy but, once people start passing me, especially people that look as though I could beat them, I get a bit stubborn.

I did take it a little bit easy, I could have really sprinted a fair bit at the end but held back so as not to completely do my legs in.  Anyway, got a pb time, booya!

Here is the garmin link:

as usual, taking my racing very seriously

that's more like it, gurn, gurn, gur, should have worn a vest like everyone else.

just coming into the finish

39th position overall out of 205 finishers with an official time of 42.56.  Perhaps I would have gone even faster if I hadn't expended so much energy pacing Hannah to glory in the Great Langdale Fun Run:

nervous before the start

solid running strategy


with victory medal

Fiona, "Was that good fun or hard work?"
Hannah, "HARD WORK!!"

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