Sunday, January 15, 2012

Road Cycling - North Lakes Loop

Cold, frosty and clear day today, very little wind, I decided to get my bike out.  I've entered a 100 mile sportive in September so I need to try to get my mileage up.  Plan for today was a long, slow ride.  Anything over 50 miles would satisfy me.  I'd drawn a map out the night before using the excellent Memory Map software (I love playing with maps) and was ready to go this morning after a big coffee.

Here is the route I took:

My plan was to keep my effort level low, within zone 2, and to build endurance.

10 miles from home and the lovely Sale Fell, the course I tookgoes along the front 
past the church until I got to the dual carriageway.

 Dodd and Carl Side behind across Bassenthwaite

 Barf with the Bishop in sight.  There's a great little scree run down from the bishop to the clerk.

 still frosty on the roads, buffs in full effect here: one on my head, one round my neck over my chin and nose

 Just outside Keswick, the easiest Wainwright

Blencathra, one of my favourites - still some snow on top

It was a cold day today and after a while, I really couldn't be bothered to keep taking my gloves on and off to take pictures so I just enjoyed the rest of the ride.

With one or two exceptions...


73 miles altogether, great day.


  1. Cool photos! Definitely worth getting cold hands for. The Lakes is looking gorgeous...tad jealous!

    1. Thanks Lisa, this was a lovely calm sunny, but cold, day a few weeks ago. I like that the first part of it links a lot of walks or runs that I have done. Check out the various links.