Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Walk: Dodd, Carl Side, Long Side and Ullock Pike

 Very windy today.  The plan was an eight mile walk over Dodd and then on to Skiddaw.  We decided to abandon Skiddaw due to extensive cloud and a high likelihood of being blown off the top.  Below is intended route (pale yellow) and actual route (red).  You can also see the four Wainwrights that were bagged. (click image to enlarge).

setting off through Dodd Wood

above the forest now

sun spots on Derwent Water

top of Dodd, Jonathan taking a breather

looking back to Dodd

climbing up Carl Side, extensive cloud over Skiddaw

Carl Side bagged.

towards Longside Edge (very windy here)

feeling it coming down

looking over Bassenthwaite

back on the road 

3d view of route Dodd is the small peak to the left, steep climb up Carl Side in the middle and Skiddaw is the highest peak to the right.

overhead view from the south showing the winding route we took up to Dodd

overhead view with profile.  A red W is a bagged Wainwright, a black W is one I have yet to do.

from the east

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