Thursday, December 29, 2011

Over and around the Wasdale Screes

This is a lovely walk from July 2011 with very dramatic scenery.  It would have helped to label the photos shortly after taking them but I'll have a go here.  First off the route:


looking back towards the car park Yewbarrow sloping in on the left with Kirk Fell centre and a pointy Great Gable on the other side of the tree.  Slopes of Lingmell on the right

Yewbarrow across Wast Water


and higher...


looking back along the ridge

Joss' house is down there somewhere

heading back down, looking back towards the East end of the lake

pretty little boat house and the start of the screes on the right hand side

this gives you some idea of the steepness of the scree

ready for a challenge?

path across the screes is tough going, big rocks, a bit like a horizontal scramble in parts

the screes from across the lake, you can just make out the path at the bottom

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