Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great Gable and Green Gable - Feb 2012

Great Gable has been on my most wanted list for a long time.  I have been fascinated by the climbing history of Napes Needle, the dome like appearance from certain angles and the history of the mountain.  Today I had planned a zig-zag route across the front of the mountain, threading Napes Needle but after the cloud came in, I adapted the route to ensure I stayed on more solid ground with clearly defined paths.  Still a great day.

Kirk Fell with the steep path up Highnose Head.  We considered going this way but decided to carry on and tackle Great Gable (on the right) first.

Route out and back.  I had planned to zig-zag back across the path on the front.

the Napes


So near and yet...

Styhead Tarn in front of Seathwaite Fell

towards Borrowdale

Piers Gill behind Jonathan

getting cloudy, a few flakes of snow in the air

ascent of Great Gable 

rocky last bit

top of Great Gable

"we did it"

the way down towards Windy Gap and then Green Gable
Green Gable (and lots of people)

looking around Gable Crag, down Ennerdale Valley

Green Gable

Pillar on the left, then Ennerdale Valley and High Crag with Haystacks in front

top of Green Gable

looking back Gable Crag on Great Gable

"Screeeeeeee" quick way down from Green Gable

Green Gable Crag - yeah, we just ran down there

at Beck Head looking back towards Wast Water.  Kirk Fell is on the right but we decided to head down this way today.

Kirk Fell

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