Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying New Stuff - 11th February 2012

This was a run about trying new things.  First off, my friend Jonathan was coming on his first trail run.

Second, this was my first seriousish run in my New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes although I have definitely got them dirty before now.

I was also testing out a camera I bought myself.  A Kodak M522.

I chose a familiar route around Sale Fell:

Parking at Wythrop Church - heading up the track, steep to begin with.

 looking back down the track, road just visible on the right

up to the wall, one more steep part

looking over Bassenthwaite, checking out the panoramic feature on the camera, hmm... 

into Wythrop Woods.  Jonathan feeling tired here

lots of fallen trees in the woods, including this domino row..

down at Kelswick and this row of Hawthorns - seen those before somewhere

And then the camera battery died! Oh dear.  There's a big downhill section for the last half mile or so of this run.  We decided to open it up and see how fast we could go.  My NB shoes proved that they are more suited to trail than fell runs when I slipped over on the last section hurting my wrist and sliding on my side for about 2 trillion feet.

So let's round up: 

Camera - some nice pictures, definitely more choice and quality than the mobile phone pictures that I have been using so far on the blog but I need to make sure that the battery is charged.

NB Minimus Trail - I love these shoes and they are great for trail (where there is a trail) as opposed to open fell running.  They proved today that they don't have great grip in slippery mud or grass.  I do like the feel of the minimal shoe.

As for Jonathan, he came down that last half mile shouting, "what a buzz!!" I think he liked it.

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