Saturday, February 11, 2012

St. Herbert's Island, Derwent Water - July 2011

St. Herbert's Island is named after a priest who, around middle of the 7th Century, "to avoid the intercourse of man, and that nothing might withdraw his attention from unceasing mortification and prayer," went there to live as a hermit.  More information about St. Herbert can be found here and here.  Ironically, these days, St. Herbert's Island is probably one of the most visited islands on Derwent Water and is a popular destination for a picnic or overnight camp.  First though, you need to get kitted out:

ready for adventure

The island is in the middle of Derwent Water.  We had hired a rowing boat from Derwent Water Marina at the top of the map (look for the car symbol by the K in Keswick).

Ok, I'll take the first shift.  You two relax and enjoy the scenery.



"Phew, that was hard work!"

picnic time

looks like we have some company

This family of ducks were obviously used to visitors to their island

Clear view of Skiddaw range

"Right, let's finish off this picnic..."

"..have a dance,"

"ooh, mountains!"

"bit more dancing"

"say goodbye to my new friends"

"life jacket on and ready to go!"

"No, definitely not our turn to row!"


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