Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brampton to Carlisle 2010

This race was some time ago and I don't have any pictures but I still wanted to record the time etc here for posterity.

The race is the oldest 10 mile race in the UK.  2010 was the 59th year that it had taken place.  It's a fast course, there is quite a bit of downhill to it.  A substantial portion of the race is along a main road which I imagine had a lot less traffic 59 years ago.  Here is the route and elevation:

I remember taking it quite easy on the run to the point that I was able to sprint for the last half mile or so.  I think this is my fastest 10 mile run to date but also my only 10 mile race to date.  Here are my splits:

I remember seeing the horse that was on the route, causing some controversy.  This is from the Runners World Forum:

Now, I've done a few races in my time and met most of the usual 'obstacles' - traffic, congestion caused by too many runners on narrow roads etc, but today I was confronted by a runaway horse.  The beast seemed pretty big and was first seen trotting down the middle of quite a busy road flanked by a string of several hundred runners on the left and one or two motorists heading in the other direction.
The 'owner' of the horse appeared from a side road just infront of me and started shouting at the several hundred runners to turn back.  'Stop being so f***ing selfish' was her cry.  'Somebody do something!'  So my question is 'what on earth shoud we all have done'?  Perhaps we were being selfish in not stopping, but to be honest the horse would probably have carried on anyway since the front runners were probably about 15 minutes ahead of us by then.  I, for one, would not want to go anywhere near a horse, let alone one that had most likely been spooked.
So what happened next?  Well about a quarter of a mile further on, one hardy soul had abandoned all hope of a PB and stopped to calm the animal by the side of the road.  Many of us ran past, perhaps a little slowly, before the horse then decided to start racing again at which point it started making it's way towards the front.  A little later it was somehow coralled into the grounds of a large house at which point another runner managed to shut the gates much to the annoyance of the householder.  'Oi you, you cannot leave your horse here'.......  'Sorry mate, it's not my horse, see ya later!'  
Anyway, back to my original question - 'What would you have done, and what should we have done? 

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