Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sale Fell in the dark - 15th February 2012

A very familiar route, given an added air of adventure by the exclusion of daylight.  This is a lovely run.  It's exactly the same route that I did a few days ago when trying new stuff.  This evening, the new thing I was trying out was a head torch.  In the grand double entry ledger that is my life, one of the great things I have to my credit is the ability to run, in the Lake District, after work.  In the summer, this ability extends to full 5-6 hour fell runs, but for now, in the pre-spring-forward month of February, when dusk comes at about 5.30pm, I am limited to lower tracks and need to have the insurance of a head torch to get me all the way around.

Here is what the route would have looked like if I had been able to see:

The head torch, a LED Lenser H7 Head Torch, worked really well and lit my way without a problem.  It's comfortable to wear, adjustable and didn't slip at all the whole run.

 Conclusion: running in the dark is fun, pictures of running in the dark are less than exciting.

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