Sunday, June 16, 2013

Running Skiddaw with Strava

the view over Derwent Water from the climb up Skiddaw

Time to get geeky with Skiddaw.  A month or so ago, I had a go at running up to the carpark at Mallen Dodd (Latrigg).  There was no way I was doing it and I resorted to walking pretty quickly.  A few weeks ago, we had another go and I was able to run all the way up.  I was really pleased with this.  Today we set off with the objective of running up Skiddaw.  Gerrard managed to get all the way up.  Jonathan and I decided a run-walk-run strategy was more manageable.

12 miles including a little loop at the end to round up the last 0.2 of a mile

The section up to the carpark is called Spooney Green Lane Full on Strava.

The fastest time (as I write) is 11.49.  My time today was 14.42 which was better than the 15.02 the last time I did it and the 16.11 which was the time I had to walk.  Gerard was a good minute or so ahead of me.  At the car park, I saw Gerard running across towards the path junction and then we just saw fleeting glimpses of him in the distance heading up.

I waited for Jonathan at the car park and we walked over, past the Hawell memorial to the gate and the start of the wide Skiddaw path.  We then set off running at a really slow rate, trodding up the path as far as we could get.  I was pleased to get to the next gate before stopping.

We walked the next section, starting to run just before the path splits where we took the right fork, the left goes to Skiddaw Little Man.  We carried on running.  The path levels out considerably at the fork but then starts to climb again.  I made it up to the fence and then Jonathan and I walked the next short section before starting to run again just before reaching the top.  We ran along the top where Gerard was sat chatting to some walkers.  Gerard had managed to get up in under an hour.  My time was 1:12.

As I write, the fastest time for this section on Strava is 47.42.  You can see that Gerard would be right up there with his sub 1 hour effort today.  I'd really like to be able to run this whole section and after today's run, I think this is an achievable goal for me.

looking back to Little Man and Derwent Water after stopping at the fence

flat top of Skiddaw, one last push to the summit

top of Skiddaw - very happy

From the summit, we retraced back over the summit plateau turning off to the left to descend via Sale How to Skiddaw House.  From here we picked up the Cumbria Way track around the base of Lonscale Fell back to the car park below Latrigg.

The descent over Sale How was nice and fast, not too steep to run but fast enough that you had to have your wits about you to stop you going head over heels.  This section wasn't a segment on Strava, so I made it one:

descending over Sale How

Skiddaw House in the trees

The track back from Skiddaw House is a really nice run.  It has a few small inclines but is easily runnable the whole way.  We were on about 7 miles at this point which I've noticed tends to be a sweet spot for me, when I feel like I could go on forever.  I really enjoyed this section.

self portrait on the Cumbria Way track

slopes of Lonscale Fell in front.  The path winds around it

around Lonscale Crags

back around.  Derwent Water in sight now

popular place

Jonathan running down to Whit Beck

Then we were back at the carpark and the descent down to Keswick.  I took it pretty easy this time around.  This section is called Derwent Water Trail downhill on Strava:

My time today for this segment was 5:45 which is quite a bit slower than my last effort of 4:28.

heading down to the car

Down at the car I carried on for a short while to round the mileage up to 12 miles.  Jonathan had an immediate need for Wine Gums and Lucozade while Gerard and I managed to resist the temptation to undo our good work.  A very enjoyable run out.

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