Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holme Fell from Hodge Close

Hodge Close quarry - a long way down

Holme Fell has caught me out once before.  I stood proudly on top of Ivy Crag assuming it was Holme Fell and it wasn't until I uploaded the route to my computer that I saw the error of my ways.  

I was a bit short on time today.  I'm off work this week but we are trying to wean Lucy so it's good to be around to help out with that.  Once I had dropped Hannah off at school, I set off to get some quick fells in.  I drove to car park on the Kirkstone Pass with a plan to quickly ascend and descend Red Screes and Middle Dodd but on my arrival, they were covered in cloud.  I continued down The Struggle to Ambleside, moped around some shops for a bit and then decided to head on to Hodge Close to knock Holme Fell out.

quick up and down - less than 2 miles there and back

I had gear and bags in my car so that I could choose to walk or run.  In the end, I decided on a run.  I set my compass to Holme Fell summit and followed it until I could see the two peaks on the skyline.  The track through the woods is mostly runnable.  I had to slow down to a walk on the final ascent.

I headed over to Ivy Crag summit first then picked out the path to Holme Fell.  On Holme Fell, there is a small summit cairn but there is also a prominent rock which is exactly at the GPS point I had for Holme Fell.

From here, it was a nice downhill run to the car and back home.

Hodge Close quarry - top diving spot

Ivy Crag on the left, Holme Fell on the right

heading up to Ivy Crag, being watched

on Ivy Crag, looking over to Holme Fell
this is the cairn on Holme Fell

the highest point of this rock was the exact GPS co-ordinates I had for Holme Fell

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