Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Newlands Horseshoe

One of the must do horseshoe walks in the Lake District.  I did this in December last year.

very early start at Skelgil

starting on the first bit of the climb up Cat Bells


Oscar chasing the moon.

up to Cat Bells.  You have to start this early to have it to yourself.

more Derwentwater

heading up towards Maiden Moor looking back over Cat Bells and Skiddaw range beyond

looking over the Newlands Valley


climbing up now, still nobody else around

professional landscape photographers don't count.

this could have been what he was taking a picture of

or this, Skidaw and Blencathra

maybe this...

ok, time to move on - I think that's the High Spy cairn

the view to the right isn't too bad either

the final climb of today up towards Dale Head

At Dalehead Tarn, come on Oscar

Dale Head cairn and the Newlands Valley

could spend all day up here...

ok, let's move on.  There is a choice to turn immediately right towards Hindscarth or carry on a bit and turn right to take in Robinson.  I've already been up Robinson so with my baggers hat on, Hindscarth it is.

top of Hindscarth.  You can see the ridge we have walked up, like a set of steps

and again here.

heading back down now.  

The rest of the walk was a nice flat ramble through farmland, including Littletown

One of my favourite walks, a great one to take visitors on.

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