Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tough Decision

I have decided to withdraw from the Loch Ness Marathon.  It has been a really tough decision but I am sure it is the right one.  I'm pretty sure what I have done - I ran 24 miles on my birthday.  This was a significant increase, not having run more than 12 for a long time before that.  As a result I have struggled to run more than 8 miles since.  I'm currently experiencing some IT Band issues and working through those.

I have now entered the 10k to run along side my wife (although I might speed off on the day), but my plan is to take it really easy with my runs for now and ease back.  Perhaps I'll finally learn to swim properly or try some of those super hilly lakeland passes on my bike.  I also need to do some more hiking, something I have not done at all since my dog emigrated (it's a long story).

I listened to Brandon Wood's Podcast yesterday where he talked about his Ironman Louisville experience.  I've followed Brandon from the beginning and have benefited greatly from his experiences.  His podcasts have kept me entertained on countless drives, runs and rides and it was from listening to his latest podcast that I decided the best thing was to, as he says, "call it".  What I especially liked was his attitude of, "ok, what's next" and I plan to take the same approach.

I would really like to improve my speed running and will be looking at some training to bring down my 5k and 10k times (once I have rested and recuperated from my current injury).

So it has been a tough decision but I am happy and relieved to have made it.  I was starting to stress about not being ready for the marathon and that isn't right for something that is a hobby and supposed to be fun.  I think I handle pressure particularly well but one of the most effective ways of doing that is to not unnecessarily  put pressure on yourself.

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