Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hannah's second Wainwright

After the success that was Castle Crag, Hannah was very excited when we mentioned the prospect of, "going up another mountain".  Our choice for today was the mighty Catbells, 189th highest fell (out of 214) in the Lake District but, impressively at 1480ft, almost half as high again as the recently conquered Castle Crag.

Cat Bells is a very popular walk, almost impossible to get lost on and, like Castle Crag, gives a great punch for a little effort.  There's a bit of minor scrambling available and good views, including Littletown of Beatrix Potter fame if you're into that sort of thing.

That curmudgeon of the fells, Alfred Wainwright wrote, "It is one of the great favourites, a family fell where grandmothers and infants can climb the heights together, a place beloved. Its popularity is well deserved, its shapely topknott attracts the eye offering a steep but obviously simple scramble."

Off we go then, parking at a secret spot, of which there are many:

very exited

The initial climb is steep but short.  You get most of the climbing done early and it is a stepped climb, allowing you to get your breath back (or wait for your wife : p) on the flats.

heading for the first hump

bit of a scramble here

funny sheep

well, we thought so

almost at the top of the mountain

We did it.  Putting a stone on the top of the cairn (don't tell the Lake District pedants).

quick snack on the way down and then...

"I've done quite enough walking thank you"

"you can take it from here"

As usual, we then hit up the wonderful Lakeland Pedlar for lunch - highly recommended, yummy veggie food followed by me drooling over all the bike stuff upstairs.

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  1. What cool photos - and wow Hannah! I'm feeling very lame right now! Hope to see more of these posts Paul!