Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Whiteless Pike, Wandope and Grasmoor exit via Red Gill Scree

from Whiteless Pike summit looking up the path to Thirdgill Head and Wandope.

Yesterday we dodged the thunderstorm, today...not so much.  Although we set off in bright sunshine, it was evident as we climbed up Whiteless Breast that it was probably going to tip it down.  We parked at Cinderdale Common and headed up the Rannerdale valley.  The bluebells are already starting to fade away but still look beautiful.  Jonathan was experiencing a lull in energy so we took the climb up to Whiteless Pike very easy.  From there we ran across and picked up Wandope.  At this point the clouds were rolling in, there was a chill in the air and thunder could be heard in the distance.  I suggested to Jonathan that we didn't hang around too long and ran across to pick up the climb to Grasmoor.  We made our way over to the shelter on the summit and carried on to the third cairn where the entry into the scree descent of Red Gill begins.  At this point it was pouring rain, thundering and lightening.  We took our time down the scree (Jonathan said he hated every step) and eventually got to our cars.

about six miles

Bluebells on Rannerdale Knotts

climbing Whiteless Breast, looking back over Rannerdale Knotts

the biggest climb of the day ahead up Whiteless Pike

Jonathan low on energy climbing Whiteless Breast.  Buttermere Moss behind with the Newlands Pass visible on the left.
Whiteless Pike summit - I'm not sure what I am doing

there is a nice run along from Whiteless Pike until the path starts to climb again up to Thirdgill Head

at Wandope summit looking over to Grasmoor.  Our path up can be seen clearly

running along the flatter part of Grasmoor to the summit.  A real sense of urgency due to the weather

the summit.  Look at those clouds

straight down from here.  Crummock Water below

as soon as we got to the start of the descent, the cloud rolled in and it poured with rain.  I was taking photos on my phone so it was put away for the worst of the rain to stop it getting wet and broken.  Here is a blurry (due to low light) picture of Jonathan coming down the scree.  Grasmoor is in thick cloud.

further down, it briefly cleared up before pouring down again as we descended further

the first part of the run up the valley, onto Whiteless Breast and then steeply up to Whiteless Pike and on to Wandope.  Grasmoor is behind, you can just see the descent down Red Gill.

from Wandope, a nice grassy run over to the start of the climb to Grasmoor.  A steep initial climb up Grasmoor which flattens out to a very rounded summit.

and here is the descent - directly back to the car park.

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