Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fellbarrow from Cockermouth

pretty happy to be on Fellbarrow

Something different today.  I met up with Jonathan and Stephen at the usual parking spot in Cockermouth and told them I would drive.  Jonathan asked if we could go to the garage for drinks, so we did.  I then drove back to the usual parking spot, parked up, switched my Garmin watch on and said, "are you ready then?"

It's fair to say that it freaked Jonathan out a bit.  You see, after my map mishap on Binsey yesterday where I mistook a track for a public footpath, ending up in us running through a private garden, I went home and studied the map.  I saw that there were public footpaths everywhere and came up with the idea of a trail run from our usual parking spot.  The trail run ended up going along the track that goes near to Fellbarrow so I thought, even better, get a Wainwright in.

OS 25k of the route.  It was about 12.8 miles when we got back to the car but we 
did a few laps to make it up to a half marathon distance.

18th Century Stanger Spa
The route started by heading down by the river and following it south along the east side.  There is a really nice trail that goes along the river.  After about three miles, we passed Stanger Spa, an old Saline well with waters which were thought to have health benefits.  After another mile, we were on the road at Lorton.  We turned right at Lorton Hall, taking the road onto the fell.  We turned off after a mile on the track that heads up towards Hatteringill, deviating from the track to take in Hatteringill Head and then on to Fellbarrow.  From the summit, we headed north, back to the track before taking a footpath off north towards Wood Farm where we picked up a road to Hill Farm, turning off on a track towards Low Hall.  Once through here, we turned west on the road, before following a footpath sign, dodging a herd of cows which got up and looked as if they were going to round Jonathan up, on through Waterloo Farm, coming out just near the Sheep and Wool Centre.  It was a short run back to the car where we did a few extra laps to make up the distance to 13.1 miles.

old Iron Legs leads the way up the track towards Fellbarrow

Grasmoor in the background, scene of Jonathan's recent nightmare

Hatteringill Head.  Fellbarrow can just be seen on the horizon.

He needed a bit of persuasion to have a "quick nip up and down Fellbarrow" but he was pleased to make it

I was pretty happy too

coming through Low Hall

50k map

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