Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Loughrigg Fell

Loughrigg trig column looking over Lake Windermere

Jonathan and I had been working in Lancaster today so decided to pick out a run on the way back.  We're both coming back from illness & injury so we wanted something gentle.  Loughrigg Fell is ideal for this.  Some easy route finding with a lot of easy descending after the initial climb up.

as we start to climb up from White Moss Wood, looking over Grasmere

this is the way we want to come back

Grasmere again with Steel Fell behind Helm Crag and Seat Sandal on the right hand side

great views from here

lots of little tarns on the top

back on the terrace path


the Rydal Cave (the one you're not supposed to go into)

back to the start

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