Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sale Fell


An easy evening run on our local fell.  Sale Fell is a good test of fitness.  Jonathan and I used to be able to run up and over it without stopping.  Today, there were plenty of stops including posing for photos for the Summit Dorks Facebook Group (you should join it).

We were also trying out the running poles that I won from sending a photo from this run into Trail Running Magazine.  Mountain King Trail Blaze poles.  Our verdict: it takes a bit of getting used to but they definitely help getting up steep hills.  I found that as the angle of ascent lessened, I couldn't move my arms as fast as my feet.  They fold up really nice and small and are as light as anything so would definitely be useful to have in your bag on longer runs.  I think they would be good for a big long climb like the nose of Kirk Fell.

3.5 miles

Jonathan - post asthma attack


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