Monday, May 19, 2014


top of Binsey

Binsey is a small northern fell that doesn't fit neatly into any fell running rounds.  We recently went to see a presentation by Steve Birkenshaw who is attempting to beat Joss Naylor's record of completing the Wainwrights.  It's small, out of the way fells like Binsey and Castle Crag that cause problems.  Have a look at that link, it's a very serious undertaking.

Today though the plan was to just run straight up and down.  We parked at Binsey Cottage and really paced ourselves well on the long gradual pull up.  I was pleased to add Binsey to the short list of fells that I can actually run all the way from the bottom to the top of.

Once at the top, we dorked around for a while (mostly Jonathan) then turned around and enjoyed a speedy descent back to the car.

As we drove away, thunder clapped and lightening struck and then the heavens opened.  Running up a fell slowly, running back down faster and dodging a rather large thunder storm = success all around.

straight up and down - 1.4 miles, a bit more exploring needed around here

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