Friday, May 23, 2014


top of Binsey looking towards the back of Skiddaw fells

this is how Jonathan looks after running up Binsey
After our nice up and down route the other day, I picked out a nice five mile circular route.  It turns out that the last mile or so of it was through private land, something that the nice man at Binsey Cottage informed us of as we ran through his garden.  He really was nice about it and we had a little chat, we apologised and left on good terms.  I checked the map when I got home and he was right.  During the course of my day at work, I had converted the track that is shown on the OS 25k Map into a nice green footpath.  Ah well, the route could be adapted to come along the road at the end.

From the usual spot next to Binsey Cottage, we went up and over the summit, carrying on over to Whittas Park (which I note is also private land) before picking up the footpath which goes to High Ireby.  From here, we followed a track onto the open farmland, picking up the woodland track which brought us out at Binsey Cottage.  It really was a nice run, the whole of which is quite runnable.  It would obviously need an adjustment to avoid the private track and the easiest option would be to carry on along the road at High Ireby, turning right to Ruthwaite and then right again.

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