Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hardly AC - Sale Fell

Running at night is great fun, the darkness, distant stars, the lights of nearby towns and villages, the moon, the outline of fells and clouds are all beautiful in their own way.  Taking photos of these things is very difficult.

Tonight six hardy hardly souls set off out for a quick circuit of Sale Fell.  A few nice hill climbs and a steady descent.  People gradually admitted they'd had enough after one lap and we agreed to head back to the cars with only Pete deciding to head back up to the top to put a bit more of a run in.

It's always nice to get out, no matter how short the run.  This was just shy of three miles and, although I would have been happy to go on, I was just as happy to head back, thinking of my plantar fasciitis which, so far, has been kept at bay through plenty of stretching, some strapping up but mainly I think, through keeping runs short and efforts easy.

Good times.

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