Friday, October 24, 2014


heading over to Watendlath Tarn

I got out of work early today and headed to Borrowdale.  I parked at Stonethwaite and followed the route which I think is the route of the Langstrath fell race.  It climbs steeply through the woods and then over to Dock Tarn.  The path gets very muddy and rocky here as it skirts the tarn, then it heads down to Watendlath, running alongside Watendlath Tarn before climbing back over to pick up the bridleway between Watendlath and Rosthwaite.  The final mile or so is along single track back to the bridge to Stonethwaite.

Five miles all in all, some steep climbs, particularly at the start and some very technical paths.  My heel is feeling a little better so hopefully will be back up to some decent distance on my runs before long.

Eagle Crag from Stonethwaite

Dock Tarn

a steep descent to pick up the path to Watendlath

at Watendlath Tarn, couple of people fly fishing from the boat

circling round into the jaws of Borrowdale

at the start of the steep descent

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