Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hardly AC - Catbells

coming off the rocky top of Catbells

head torch train across the top - lights of Keswick behind

Hardly AC continue to roam the fells on a Wednesday evening.  A group of eight headed over family favourite, Catbells this week.  The dusky views over Derwentwater were beautiful but I lack the photographic skills to capture said beauty.  it was properly dark by the time we got to the top and, after the rocky shelf on the summit, we sped along the rolling trail of the top.  Before very long, we reached the turn off to the left and set off down the windy, rocky, slippery path down and then a left turn off this path to pick up the trail shelf above the road.  A slight hiccup here where most of the pack went a different way to me but we soon righted this and had a nice run back to the cars.

Less than four miles and just about an hour.  Fells in the dark are pretty cool.

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