Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sale Fell with Hardly AC

top of Sale Fell, my most visited Wainwright

A select group had a nice run around Sale Fell tonight.  From the usual starting point, up and starting a clockwise loop, climbing steeply to the wall then over to Lothwaite, along to Rivings and back up to the summit.  We then took the long downhill turning left at the bottom wall running round through Kelswick and through the woods before taking a steep climb back up to Lothwaite and back around the front of Sale Fell.  I took the ledge path across the front of the fell through the old quarry which was a bit slippery but ok, I was thankful for my super bright head torch.

Good running, nice to get out as always.  A number of wounded soldiers toughing it out tonight.  Well done team!

Sale Fell from afar

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