Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sale Fell #afterworkwainwrights

Sale Fell looking towards SKiddaw

#afterworkwainwrights is my new idea.  To complete all the Wainwrights with runs or walks after work.  I get a fair few fells in after work.  Obviously more so in the summer months but I'm also hoping to carry on through the winter with the use of my dead smart new head torch.

I need to work out which I have already done but Sale Fell is a regular after work treat.

Today I was on my way back from Carlisle.  I got to Whythrop Mill at about 5.15 and managed to get the full run in before it got dark.  I've been off my feet a bit, with a sore foot, so running yesterday with Hardly AC around Catbells and then again tonight on Sale Fell is a real treat.  Hoping to head out tomorrow as well.

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