Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Castle Crag #afterworkwainwrights

Jonathan on top of Castle Crag

After a weekend lacking of motivation and feeling generally glum, I have bounced back this week with some after work runs.  The newly dark nights are a perfect excuse for some head torch exploration and the outlay of the Petzl Nao is starting to pay for itself.

Yesterday, we headed to Rosthwaite for a run up to Castle Crag and back.  It's a very familiar course but the darkness adds a bit of a challenge.  Flooded roads through Borrowdale were an indicator of the conditions we were due to experience.  Plenty of big puddles, high rivers and some outright flooded (up to knee height at one location) footpaths.  Once you've acknowledged your feet are going to get wet, you just let them get wet and get on with it.  Route finding was largely without incident.  In fact, the biggest challenge was taking a photo and keeping our eyes open when the flash on my phone went off.  This is a nice route and will be banked for a future Hardly AC run.  Big props to Jonathan for being a good running buddy and helping me past the blerch of the sofa.
I'm stood on the footpath

Jonathan trying to keep his eyes open

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