Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blea Rigg

from Blea Rigg looking over to the Langdale Pikes

It was nice to have some motivation to get up and get going today.  My mate Paul was recceing a bit of the 3rd leg of the Bob Graham Round and I'd said that I would meet him in Great Langdale and drive him back to Dunmail Raise.

ducks enjoying a puddle in Langdale
I had a few different ideas for a run, starting from the Stickle Barn, I was considering heading up The Band to Bowfell or over Lingmoor Fell and back over Pike O' Blisco or plenty of others.  I decided to start off fairly level and headed along the Cumbria Way track which would take you to Elterwater.  This is a nice track with a few ups and downs, nice running.  Further on, the path has been refurbished with the crushed stone which is becoming popular now.  This is obviously much easier to put in place compared to pitched stones but it was already deteriorating with ruts from water which has found its way down the path.  I turned off to the left over a bridge where the main path improvements have been made and headed along the road for a bit before taking the path just after Harry's Place Farm.

After climbing the path to the top wall, I took a more direct line up to the main path which goes across to Blea Rigg.  Once on this path, it was nice going.  A bit wet but I had resigned to getting wet today.  After a few undulating miles, I was clambering up to seek out the summit of Blea Rigg.

looking down towards Great Langdale from the climb up from Harry's Place Farm

nice tracks open up along the tops

Blea Rigg is one of those peaks that you might want to do a GPS check to make sure you really are there.  Once on top, it's clearly the highest peak of those around it and there are great views down into Great Langdale.  I had a few options here in terms of directions but chose to take the shorter, and easier navigated route over to Stickle Tarn and then down the steep path along Stickle Ghyll for a pint in Stickle Barn.  Paul turned up on cue, if a bit wet.  He had got a decent 10 mile run in but got caught in the rain I had managed to miss on the last bit of his run.

Blea Rigg is one of those peaks that you have to check you are at the top of.  Nice views though eh?

from Blea Rigg looking over towards 

Stickle Tarn comes into view.  Jack's Rake visible here on Pavey Ark

autumn colours coming out

Pavey Ark across Stickle Tarn

coming around the corner with Harrison Stickle in view across the tarn

10k, happy with that

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