Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Ullscarf in the wind and rain
I had a day off today.  The weather wasn't great but I was keen to get out.  I headed to Stonethwaite with a plan to head up the windy path of Lingy End and then head over to Ullscarf and back the Greenup Gill path.  It stayed dry to Dock Tarn and then the heavens really opened.  I seem to remember that the conditions were a bit difficult the last time I was up here.

At the start, Eagle Crag's distinctive profile with Greenup Edge in cloud

at the top of the initial climb looking back over Langstrath

Dock Tarn

looking back, cloud very low

wet top of Ullscarf
I had in my mind that I needed to go over High Crag and follow the wall.  Looking back at the route I took, this was the correct strategy but I should have turned along the wall rather than going all the way to the tarn.

I used the sophisticated navigation technique of keeping going as long as I was heading to higher ground for the next mile or so, picking up the junction of fences at the top.

Ullscarf summit looks on the map as though it is along a fence line.  It is actually an old fence with just a series of iron posts still in place.  These made handy navigations tick points as I continued on the path along to Greenup Edge.

There is a shortcut track from the main track which allows you to cut the corner off.  I managed to pick this up and then followed the cairns down past Lining Crag on a treacherous, particularly so when wet, pitched path.  There are several Gills to cross.  I didn't waste time by trying to find a dry way across and eventually got onto the track back to Stonethwaite.

dropping back down below the cloud

on better ground now, heading back to Stonethwaite

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