Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great Gable Remembrance 2014

hundreds of people on top of Great Gable ready to pay their respects

We started off today with a two mile or so walk up to Great Gable for the annual remembrance ceremony on the top.  We tried to find a balance between leaving plenty of time and not being stood around on the top getting cold.  Ultimately, we set off a bit early so we dawdled a bit on the ascent and still got to the top a good half hour early.  Next year 9.30am from Wasdale Head.

After a short speech and two minutes of eerily quiet reflection, we retraced our steps to Beck Head where we picked up the little track that goes around Boat How Crags to Black Sail Pass.  This is just the type of running I like, rocky and technical without too much of a climb.  We met up with the track up to the famous gate on Black Sail Pass and then decided to head down Black Sail Pass back to Wasdale rather than carrying on climbing to Pillar which was in cloud.

The run down was great fun, wet and rocky, a winding path with grassy run off bits.  A few of us took tumbles but we seemed to land back on our feet.  About 6.5 miles, a nice run out.

Great Gable in cloud as we set off from Wasdale Head

at Beck Head, trying to pace ourselves a bit.  View down to Wast Water

clearing a bit, Haystacks over the valley.  Beckhead Tarn below where we will veer off to the right around Kirkfell on our return journey.

plenty of people at the top

Lucy had been waiting a while

Dean bagged another Wainwright

around Boat How.  That's Loft Beck over the valley, steep descent taken on St Bega's Ultra

into the valley floor and easier running

I had suggested running over Pillar and around to Dore Head scree.  It looks very steep from here.  That's mostly because it is although it's quite do-able.

this track takes you right back to the bar

post run cool off/shoe wash

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