Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, High Spy

looking down onto Cat Bells

We had an early start today as I needed to be home for 10.30am. I set off from home at about 6.30am and we were running just after 7am.  We needed head torches at the very start but had turned them off and packed them away after the first of the two main steps on Cat Bells.

We parked at the usual spot just over the cattle grid on the road to Skelgill and then went the usual route up Cat Bells and over.  There were great views as the sun rose, the anticipated cloud inversions seemed to be happening over towards the Dodds and maybe deeper into Borrowdale.

We carried on up over Maiden Moor to High Spy.  Here, with an eye on time, we decided to drop down through the old Rigghead Quarries, peering into some mine openings but not chancing going in further.

This way down took us onto the Allerdale Ramble track which we followed to the road and then took the road for speed due to time limitations.

Nice morning run out.

a dark start

Keswick waking up

from High Spy looking over to Dale Head

one of the many mine entrances at Rigghead Quarries

back on the Allerdale Ramble track passing Castle Crag on the right

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  1. Looks a fabulous morning out, you are lucky to be so close to the fells! 7hour drive from Somerset.
    Well done, and great photos