Friday, September 27, 2013

Skiddaw via Bakestall and back along Longside Edge

from Bakestall looking up to Broad End and Skiddaw

We had a really fun run this evening going a different way up Skiddaw and back via Longside Edge.  We parked at Peter House Farm and took the Cumbria Way track to Dead Crags on Bakestall where we climbed steeply along the gully.  We then followed the fence from Bakestall up and carried on to the summit.  From there we descended to Carl Side Tarn and back along Longside Edge.

first part of the run: along the track and then very steep ascent up to Bakestall, on to Broad End and Skiddaw

trod up to Bakestall just visible on the grassy slope between the gully and the cliff edge

Jonathan on Bakestall summit

and me

from the top of Broad End, final push to Skiddaw summit
The climb up Dead Crags was gruelling.  We fell foul of several false summits until the rocky protuberance that is the far end of Bakestall, and often mistaken for the Wainwright summit, came into sight.

Of course, once we got here, we could see the two other major climbs up to Broad End, a Birkett peak, and on to Skiddaw.

Both of these climbs paled in comparison to the climb we had just done up to Bakestall.  The final climb up to Skiddaw was a pleasant surprise.  Although, by this time, we were conscious of the fading light.

Headtorches were put on at the top of Skiddaw before picking out the steep path down scree to Carlside Tarn and the junction of paths where we carried on along the Longside Edge ridge.

Skiddaw summit

fading light

Jonathan descending on the path to Carlside Tarn

The route along Longside Edge and on to Ullock Pike, down to the Watches is a lovely ridge walk/run with beautiful views.  Tonight, we did it by the light of headtorches.  It was still very beautiful with the lights bouncing off clouds, picking out sheep's eyes, views over to the Caldbeck beacon and the streetlights of Keswick but we lack the skills to pick up this beauty on a camera so that is the end of the pictures.

second half of the run from Skiddaw down the edge to the road

Once on the road we had about a half mile run back to the car.

elevation profile

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