Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Mell Fell

it's not that far to the top of Great Mell Fell
Our after work run from Tuesday.  I have diagnosed myself with Plantar Fasciitis after overdoing it in my Inov8 mudclaws.  The mudclaws are much flatter than the Salomon shoes I usually fell run in and I think the confidence in the grip of the Mudclaws has made me hammer it harder than usual on downhill sections.  I've had a bit of Plantar Fasciitis before and found that rest is about the only thing that works.

But rest is difficult.  

So I thought a nice easy jog up Great Mell Fell with an easygoing descent was just the thing.  I wore Salomons and didn't fare too badly (although was still achy the next day). 

The bracken was so much higher than the last time I was here and this makes such a difference.  It's around about a mile to the top and so we were soon up, dorked around a bit and then headed back down.

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