Monday, September 23, 2013

Sale Fell

running selfie
Out on our local Sale Fell this evening for what was purported to be an easy run but, as always, turned into a bit of a hill interval run.  Sale Fell is a great training ground; there are lots of smallish climbs to test yourself on.  Today we ran down an area that we usually climb up and were very impressed with our own hill climbing ability development.

Jonathan was trying out his Salomon Fellraisers.  I was hoping that he wouldn't like them and would donate them to me.  I usually tell him off for buying so much stuff but this particular transaction is approved.  Unfortunately, he seemed to like them a bit better (and never fell on his arse) so it looks like he might be keeping them.

It was a muggy night.  The clag was right down and we needed to have a think about directions on top of the area marked 'Rivings'.

We saw a group of runners with Sam Ayres who runs a local fitness training company and had obviously decided to take a group onto the fell.  Quite a large group and unusual to see up on little Sale Fell.

Once at the top, we took it really easy on the way down.  Jonathan is still recovering from body checking the rock on Falcon Crag and I'm taking it easy to make sure my Plantar Fasciitis properly goes away.

We ran right around and then climbed back up part of the way before turning back and heading down to the car.  Jonathan insisted that we run an extra bit on the road to take it up to four miles.

four miles - plenty of hills

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