Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Early Morning Sale Fell

heading back down from the top of the first climb

a nice steady wander - just short of three miles

I planned to meet Jonathan for an early morning fell run on Sale Fell.  The road was coned off and a sign said that the road was closed but I carried on through and had no problems.

Jonathan turned around at the cones.  He didn't have his phone with him so I eventually got a call from him when I was on top of Sale Fell.  When he didn't respond to my messages, I had assumed that he had slept in.  I waited until 7:45am and then set off on my own.

I took it nice and easy and took a different way to the top, climbing directly up the fell from the near side of the wall.  This seemed to be a more direct route to the top but it's not a runnable route.

I looped around from the top, across an area I hadn't visited before called Lothwaite.  This is a Birkett top and a very pretty area.  I would guess that there would be nice views over Bassenthwaite but today it was very cloudy and visibility was very poor.

From Lothwaite, I headed across to pick up the top of the same path I went up, running down to the wall and across the stream then back down the way I came up.

bench at the top of Lothwaite

with dedication

pretty path back to the wall that can just be seen going diagonally up to the left side of Sale Fell 

this is looking down the steepest section of the first climb - it's steeper than it looks here

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