Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trail Run Around Holme Wood (on my own)

Loweswater might be the nearest part of the lake district to where I live and I think, for this reason, I tend to neglect it, wanting to travel further afield.  Loweswater and the whole of the Buttermere valley are really really beautiful.  The fact that they are 20 minutes from home should really mean that I go there more often.

An after work trail run was planned.  I was all set in my running gear when I got the dreaded phone call from Jonathan, wimping out of a run.  I'm not going to make a big deal of it.  I decided that if I plan a run, I shouldn't be put off by other people being a complete and utter let-down (only joking Jonathan).

Car Park for today was at Waterend Farm a look over the hedge shows Burbank Fell and Carling Knott.  The plan is to run through and then climb up the waterfall in Holme Wood, following the track above the forest before winding back down to the lakeshore path.

first views along Loweswater, the path I am taking is on the right.

great surface to run on through Holme Wood

at the waterfall, I climbed up to the left of here

view back across Loweswater

at the edge of the forest, still climbing

finally over the forest wall, view back down over Loweswater

more great running tracks - big downhill from here

at the bottom of the downhill.  I ran down the path from the top of the trees in the middle of the picture

Holme Wood on the side of Carling Knott from High Nook Farm (No Parking)

looking back along the track


along Loweswater

the annexe

5 miles


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