Sunday, April 15, 2012


Geocaching is on Hannah's list and is great fun.  Check out for details.  We had a lovely walk out and adventure by Loweswater and found some treasure.  Our Geocache was called Below White Crag:

setting off from the Kirkstile Inn

"my map says, 'keep going', come on!"

Hannah talking to an imaginary troll under the bridge - he told her that she had to count up to 10 before she could pass over the bridge.


"my map says it's this way!"


through the woods

these sheep were calling for the lamb behind the fallen tree on the right

nearly there now


logging our visit, Hannah collecting the Travel Bug

swap our treasure, pack it away, put it where we found it

then run down the hill

little fell runner

down through the woods

track back to the pub

we found a friendly cat

back at the pub

Hannah's map




  1. Looks like Hannah had loads of fun! Wicked photos!

  2. Wow, what a day. Looks like you all covered some beautiful ground and had lots of fun.