Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loweswater Trail Run

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.  Henry David Thoreau

More of a miss-turn than properly getting lost.  Ok, I'll admit it, I was heading for the wrong car park on the map.  This evening's after work run (jealous much?) was in the beautiful area between Loweswater and Crummock Water.  The scenery was so beautiful that I kept on running instead of stopping to take pictures. The few pictures that are here are from when we had to stop to either map read or catch our breath.

The route taken is shown above.  We parked at the Lanthwaite parking spot and at one point, I was heading back towards the carpark in the top middle of the picture which is the National Trust car park by the bridge in Loweswater.  We eventually worked out where we were going and changed course.  If you see where the track turns back on itself at the top middle, I could have gone east on a track or carried on along the forest wall and then head across the path straight back to Lanthwaite.  At least the run down Scale Hill was fun.

Initial section was along the road.  Clear M shape of Melbreak visible over Crummock Water.
Grasmoor from the car park

Ok, this is the one time we stopped purely to take pictures.  From the north end of Crummock Water.  Melbreak sloping into the water on the right, Dodd and Red Pike in clouds, Rannerdale Knotts on the left.  Up to this point, we had a short road run, a steep descent to the woods and then a fun trail run through the woods.

Towards the end of the run, here is the gate and the path that I should have taken.  We went left.  There was a steep climb back through the woods up to this point so we stopped to catch our breath and pose for photos.

Jonathan with new trainers - more on that later
holding my stomach in

Jonathan following me - going the wrong way

finally back at the car - panoramic of Melbreak

before and after Salomon Crossmax

3d route

We had beautiful conditions this evening, a little bit of snow on the higher fells, cold but fairly clear, perfect running weather.  It was a fairly easy paced run but still felt like a good workout.  Luckily, there is a curry house on the way home.

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