Tuesday, April 24, 2012

South Haweswater Loop

Flexi time is when you have worked so hard that you get a day off.  It's part of the work-life balance that I benefit from as an employee of the county council (as well as a gold plated pension and brilliant pay), I wanted to make sure I made the most of it and planned a long walk around the eastern fells starting from Haweswater.  This is one of the few times I have actually walked the route I had planned, the only slight deviation being a more direct route from Selside Pike (the last of the eight Wainwrights that I bagged today).

Parked up at the end of the resevoir, The Rigg (those trees on the left) are my first objective.

this little fella obviously hasn't met Haweswater's most famous resident

waterproofs on!

got a proper soaking about here

climbing up towards Kidsty Pike, Riggindale (home of the eagle) sloping from right to left.  Harter Fell's square top os middle left.  I'll be there in about four hours.

path up to Kidsty Pike

Riggindale peeping through

back down to Haweswater, The Rigg is in the centre of the picture

Kidsty Pike becomes more recognisable

Kidsty Pike on the far right, Riggindale in the middle with slope of High Street and Mardale Ill Bell behind.

top of Kidsty Pike towards Harter Fell

from High Raise towards Harter Fell on the left and Mardale Ill Bell in the middle

people on Kidsty Pike

Rest Dodd and The Nab

it's just a crow

Kidsty Pike on the left, High Street on the right.

path up to High Street from Rampsgill Head

High Street

High Street summit

Thornthwaite Beacon on the left marking the top of Thornthwaite Crag

Froswick and Ill Bell from the wall on High Street.  Windermere in the distance

and again from Mardale Ill Bell

looking over Harter Fell from Mardale Ill Bell summit

Small Water with Haweswater beyond from the Nan Bield Pass.  I could have cut back from here but decided to press on.

Kentmere Reservoir with Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke behind 

up to Harter Fell

Harter Fell summit looking west

looking out from the top of Harter Fell gully over Haweswater

tough slog up to Branstree, summit marked by a couple of stones and a dog bowl

heading over to Selside Pike, the last Wainwright of the day, I came across these three pillars.

top of Selside Pike and time to head back.

Like a good fell runner, I took a pretty direct route back to the road.  The views over Haweswater opened up as I descended.

sharp angled peak of Kidsty Pike visible middle left on the horizon

back on the road and a panoramic view of Haweswater

phew, there's the car

my new boots got a good workout (13 miles).  No complaints from me.

this Chaffinch came to hang out while I was changing out of my boots

yes, that's eight Wainwrights (13 miles).


  1. looks a good walk,the big quistion did you see the golden eagle? panorad.

    1. No, will have to go one weekend and have him pointed out to me

  2. One of my planned camp sites is around there Paul, hopefully to get a glimpse of the elusive eagle, another good description of the walk you had with the photo's...good day's walking :)

    1. Thanks Alan. It's a lovely area. This was a nice route, very enjoyable walk. Plenty of camping around Patterdale/Glenidding