Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aira Force - April 2012

Aira Force is the name of a waterfall that flows as part of Aira Beck into Ullswater.  It's a family friendly place and is a popular attraction.  The land is now owned by the National Trust but previous owners had landscaped the area extensively creating paths and bridges and planting trees.  Wordsworth was a regular visitor and Aira Force is mentioned in his poetry.

Anyway, it's a great place for a picnic.

busy making up the picnic

little sample
off we go
the waterfall

Hannah was more interested in the puddles than in posing for the camera
lots of steps up, excuse me doggy!

this looks like a good spot for a picnic

thumbs up!

more steps


looking down from the bridge

then we came across this wishing tree - bash a coin into the tree and make a wish I suppose

good for playing on

macro wishing tree

We then drove over Kirkstone Pass so that I could imagine what it would be like on a bike.  Didn't seem too bad from Ullswater/Patterdale direction.  We had a quick look around Ambleside, picked up some vegan hotdogs from Holland and Barrett and then Hannah and I slept all the way home while Fiona drove.

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