Monday, March 5, 2012

Sale Fell - A Family Wainwright - March 2012

If you look on the tabs at the top of this blog you will see one labelled 'Wainwrights'.  If you click on the tab it will take you to an interactive page that links to all the walks and runs that I have done, organised alphabetically by the name of the fell.  If you look at the second column along, you will see that my daughter, Hannah, has started on her own bagging journey.

Well the nights have been getting lighter lately meaning that there is more and more time after I finish work to do things outside that need day light.  Today has been a beautiful sunny clear day and, after a weekend of being allowed to play out on my own, I thought I really should spend some quality time with my family.  Here's the decision making that went down:

What a great idea! When I got home, I was pleased to have Hannah announce to me that we were going up a mountain.  Top parenting tip for four year olds - make them think it's their idea.

If you are a regular reader of this blog (I'm not sure I have any regular readers) the fell we chose to conquer will be familiar with you, the wonderful Sale Fell.  First, let's get kitted out:

all set...
and we're off
chasing the moon

slow down Hannah...

pace yourself....


"I need a carry"

"I need a horsey-ride"



setting sun

"I'm back"

"This one is for my Nana and Grandad"

almost at the top but protesting

view from the top - not bad

"This one is for my other Nana and Pa in Australia"
"Come on let's go!"

summit arguement


"I need another carry"

Wainwright number four conquered.


  1. Wicked! Hannah's looks so cute in these photos. And the rest of the family's looking alright too. ;)

    PS. I am a regular reader.

    1. Thank you Lisa, that's one at least!