Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fellrun Blake Fell and Gavel Fell - March 2012

Last night's run around Cogra Moss, up Blake Fell and Gavel Fell.  Some lovely weather conditions we are having at the moment, apparently not going to last until the weekend so the only thing to do was get a run in after work.  The clocks had sprung forward the previous weekend so we had until approximately 7.30pm before it was dark.

Path up from Cogra Moss to the side of Knock Murton.  This is as far as I thought I could run but when I saw how much further it was to the level track, I thought that I should have toughed it out.

The path we were aiming for going horizontally across under the tree line of Middle Fell.

A forest track.  Much of the first part of the run looked like this.  This photo was taken while running so I have an excuse for the blurriness.

After a couple of miles on the forest track we started the climb up to Blake Fell.  This is looking back with Knock Murton on the right and Banna Fell to the left.

Jonathan on top of Blake Fell

Views from Blake Fell Summit - left to right Whiteside, Grasmoor, Melbreak in Front (look for the M shape) Fleetwith Pike is visible on the horizon in the middle then it looks like the High Stile range and Ennerdale peaks of Pillar etc beyond.

Whiteside, Grasmoor over Crummock Water with part of Melbreak on this side of the lake on the right.  I think that's Skiddaw visible over the top of Whiteside on the left.

running down from Blake Fell behind towards Gavel Fell.

In the direction we are going - Great Borne directly in front linking to the left to Starling Dodd.  Pillar is visible behind Starling Dodd with the col of Wind Gap to the right of the peak.

Summit of Gavel Fell looking in the same direction Red Pike and High Stile range now visible as a continuation of the line from Starling Dodd.

looking West over Saddler's Knott and Banna Fell.  This is the way we headed.

more summit dorks.

after a real slog through brambles, we eventually got back onto a nice grassy field and then onto the roads.  We still had a couple of miles left and it was starting to get dark now.


Here's the stats:

Back to the car after about 9 miles.  Really good run, curry on the way home restored the balance.

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