Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fixing and Trail Running in Langdale - March 2012

Today was my induction to fix the fells, an exiting initiative I want to get involved in.  The morning was a meet and greet at Stickle Barn and then a walk up to Stickle Tarn, where it poured down.  I still enjoyed the walk and it was good to be shown different aspects of the work that fix the fells and the national trust do.  It was nice to meet seasoned and new volunteers, compare Wainwright lists and chat too.

Pavey Ark and Jack's Rake across Stickle Tarn, before the rain came down.

Erosion visible on the left of Stickle Ghyll.  A fix the fells work party has planted trees to try to stabilise the bank but the soil is quite shallow.  The area with the trees in is now fenced off to try to allow the grass to regenerate and the trees to take route.

After a wet lunch at Stickle Tarn swapping tales of ascents of Jack's Rake, I headed down.  I had a mix of a run, scramble and walk on the way down.  A big glass of lemonade at Stickle Barn and then changing into my running clothes for a trail run.

3d map showing the trail run we did today around the valley.  Stickle Tarn is top left with Stickle Ghyll, our route of ascent, coming down to the valley floor.  The red W is the Wainwright peak of Pavey Ark.

I had been looking around for a decent trail run when I found ACS Events Langdale Trail Run event.  Looked good to me so I plotted it on Memory Map and that is the track we followed.  We decided to cut it short and just do the 5k route after Jonathan did something daft to his back.
The hardest bit of climbing, going east from Side House.

Stickle Ghyll and Pavey Ark visible.  Harrison Stickle and Loft Crag to the left.
Crinkle Crags are the crinkly crags middle left. The Band is the broad mellow band sloping left towards the camera.  Langdale Fell in the foreground on the right.  You can just make two people out on the path we have ran up, yes, this is one of my famous pictures from the top of a hard bit (any excuse for a breather!)

A bit further on and a really nice downhill.  Harrison Stickle is the higher peak on the right, officially still to be bagged as I type but I'm pretty sure I've been there before I started keeping a record.  Loft Crag to the left.

Jonathan, before his back excuse thingy
Run route.  I think it was just under 3 miles.  Great trail run, I'll be back at some point to do the full course.  Maybe I'll even come and do the race but it is a lot of fun without a load of people as well.

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