Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ling Fell - I Left My Heart... - March 2012

As Lisa and any other regular readers of my blog will know, I have a fondness for Sale Fell.  It's a beautiful little fell, it has all sorts going for it such as a forest, easy parking, being ten minutes from my house, overlooking a lake, being of a height and steepness that make me running all the way to the top (and down) an achievable goal, lots of tracks and routes around and over it - yeah, lovely.  There's this other fell, Ling Fell, it's off the back of Sale Fell, it is off the back because the road where I park is the front (in my head), it's actually to the south-west of Sale Fell.  I've been up Sale Fell once or twice now and thought, I must go up there.  So today I did. 

Ling Fell from Sale Fell summit

Skiddaw and Longside Edge behind errr, Sale Fell

full view of Sale Fell - the wall on the left is where I usually turn and curl around the other side (the front)

trig point on top of Ling Fell

Sale Fell from the top of Ling Fell.  You can see Whythrop Woods on the top right of Sale Fell and Bassenthwaite Lake just peeping around the other side.  The little mound behind the lake is Binsey (I think I'm going to save that Wainwright until last).

Aaaand from the top of Ling Fell view to the South I would say left to right is Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton Head and Hopegill Head with the broad slope of Swineside covered in snow pointing towards us, but I am more than happy to be corrected if anyone knows better!

looking East more of Skiddaw and friends

out in front, of course, Sale Fell

From this point, my short walk turned into a fell run.  The sweeping tracks down from the top of Ling Fell were great to run on, nice grassy and springy surface and gradual(ish) downhill slopes - I loved it!  So much that I left a heart there:

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