Monday, August 10, 2015

The Yorkshire Three Peaks

my best shot of Pen y Ghent before my camera died

This was my birthday treat for this year, a go at the Yorkshire Three Peaks.  I was on holiday with the whole family nearby and Jonathan drove down to meet me.  It was heavily raining as we sat in the car ready to set off.  This rain was later to cause havoc with my, supposedly waterproof, phone so the pictures I have are limited to the ones taken before it died on the way down Pen y Ghent.

The route finding was pretty easy, even in the fog that had set in.  We chose a more direct route off Pen y Ghent and a direct ascent of Whernyside which I think is common.

Jonathan said he had sore knees beforehand and was clearly in pain on Ingleborough, making what would have been a nice long downhill descent protracted and painful.  He is still out of action as I write this at the end of September.

Overall, I really enjoyed the route.  There was much more flat in it that I had thought there would be.  The route is so well used that the paths are clear.  Interesting paving slab like stones that set some of the paths which must be due to the type of stone available to make the paths.  At some points, such as the summit of Pen y Ghent, it was like running along a pavement.  In other areas, the steps were set in quite a hazardous manner with lips on each step.  We also encountered bog and road and everything in between.

The top of Pen y Ghent, the only summit with photographic evidence and the paved path along the summit area.

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